It is with pleasure that we re-launch the Speedway Control Bureau website. In this computer age an up to date website is an essential tool of any Organisation, therefore our apologies go out to anyone who has been inconvenienced by the temporary full closedown and subsequent partial operation.

This site www.scbgb.co.uk will be a single source of all the official SCB Regulations, Supplementary Regulations, Circulars, Press Releases, Information Notices etc,  and on a day to day basis will provide a copy of the Meeting Referees Official Results Sheet.

The Reports and Listings that will be available, some of which may be restricted to persons with passwords, including Meeting Reports, Rider Registration details, SCB Officials Licence holders, Team Declarations and Official Green Sheets, the Official fixture listing including Referees Allocations and selected news items.

The British Speedway Promoters Association official website (www.speedwaygb.co) will continue to be the main source for daily News, Match Results, Team Listings, Rider Profiles, League Tables etc.

If there is any way you feel our website could be improved please send your suggestions to info@scbgb.co.uk

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New to Speedway


The sport, known originally came to Britain in the late 1920’s from Australia.


A Race Meeting takes place on an Oval Shale Circuit, usually measuring between 220 & 400 metres, approximately 10-13 metres wide on the straights and between 12 & 18 metres wide on the bends and surrounded in its entirety by a Fence.

Four Riders take part in each race (referred to as a Heat) for 4 laps from a Starting Gate released remotely by the Meeting Referee when all 4 Riders are ready to race and remain stationary.


500cc single cylinder motorcycles with NO brakes. To stop quickly a rider lays his bike down on the track.

Only Methanol (wood alcohol) fuel is used.

The bikes have one set gear (altered by changing sprockets on the rear wheel or engine sprocket)

Push starts from the Pits area

Clutch starts at the Starting Gate


All Speedway Meetings are held under the SCB Regulations.

Only persons with prior accreditation may engage in any Video, Zoom or Close-Range photography.

Flash photography is not permitted during racing, except from the Infield by Track Photographers.

In Great Britain we stage a mix of League (Team) Meetings and Individual Meetings during the Summer period starting in mid March and going through to the end of October..

For Team Meetings, Clubs race in one of 3 Major Leagues using a 15 Heat format; 

·         ELITE League

·         PREMIER League

·         NATIONAL League

There are also Development Leagues which usually form the 2nd half of a Meeting.

In all Meetings, Riders are identified by their Helmet Colour: RED, BLUE, WHITE or YELLOW. In a Team Meeting the Home Team always wear RED & BLUE with the away Team using WHITE & YELLOW.

Track Signals

Flags:   Yellow with a black diagonal cross:                               Riders starting their last lap

            Black & White Chequered:                                             Race Finished

            Black flag with an accompanying coloured disc:           The Rider is disqualified

            Disqualification Lights (Red, Blue, White or Yellow:      Corresponding Rider is disqualified

Red Lights around the Track:                                                     Race has been stopped

Flashing Amber light with a Klaxon:                                            Riders have 2 minutes to be under Starters orders.


Rider scores 3 points for a race win, 2 for 2nd place, 1 for 3rd place but nothing for 4th place or a non-finish.

ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS: Ask the person next to you, Speedway fans are friendly and knowledgeable.


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